Monday, July 4, 2011

My Mentor

My Mentor and long time friend Mr Malcolm Withers or just Mal.

Mal was a railway man for a long time and now enjoying life in retirement. He worked for the PMG before joining the railways.In 1993 I was lucky enough to get a job back at Port Augusta as a Trainee Locomotive Engine-man. My first regular mate on the foot plate was Mr Malcolm Withers.
Mal was a (VERY) hard task master, he always rode me. Although for me this was a good thing because I am not the sharpest chisel in the shed. Mal was an excellent teacher, he made you think and re think again. He would pose a question to me knowing the answers. What I mean by this, is he would ask you something you knew would be right. But after answering the question tell you,you where wrong, so off to the Rule Book or the Consolidated Manual I would go. Mal challenged me, I will always have the greatest respect and admiration for Mal.

NR115 Whyalla Shunter

Malcolm's pay rise

Mal receives a pay rise after a practical assessment in 1970. So back in 1970 his flat rate was $27,742. How times have changed, this year 2011 I think I  almost paid that in tax. 

Mud Maps

These are my mud maps of the track between Spencer Junction and Cook. Every trip Mal would go through each section we drove. We would discuss each section in both ways, like I previously said "Mal was hard task master". I have never told Mal, but My Dad and Mal are probably the 2 greatest influences in my life. I will always remember the things my dad showed me and those trips on the foot plate with you Mal.................

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  1. Hi
    I have been reading your wife's blog for a little while now so I look forward to reading more about your life the trains.

    My younger boys think your pics out the front of the train are cool.

    Keep up the good work :-)