Sunday, October 30, 2011


Speed trails between Crystal Brook and Coonamia 11/10/2011

Work out your speed
60 x 60 = 3600 divide by 28 = 128.5 KM/h

eg   60 min x 60 sec = 3600 
time it take to travel 1 km eg 28 sec
= 128.5 KM/h

 Driver's Phil Hodgins and Paul Trott 

AN 3 waiting on the double track

AN 3 arriving at Crystal Brook waiting for AN 3 to be turned

FAM coach and wagons to be tested

Double track after cutting off and leaving behind 1 wagon

130 KM/h 1st level crossing

Here we come................

Stopped to speak to terminal operator protecting level crossing.

AN 3 on PW4 returning to Adelaide.

Like to thank A Finch for taking some of these photo's.