Sunday, October 30, 2011


Speed trails between Crystal Brook and Coonamia 11/10/2011

Work out your speed
60 x 60 = 3600 divide by 28 = 128.5 KM/h

eg   60 min x 60 sec = 3600 
time it take to travel 1 km eg 28 sec
= 128.5 KM/h

 Driver's Phil Hodgins and Paul Trott 

AN 3 waiting on the double track

AN 3 arriving at Crystal Brook waiting for AN 3 to be turned

FAM coach and wagons to be tested

Double track after cutting off and leaving behind 1 wagon

130 KM/h 1st level crossing

Here we come................

Stopped to speak to terminal operator protecting level crossing.

AN 3 on PW4 returning to Adelaide.

Like to thank A Finch for taking some of these photo's.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Old narrow gauge photo's

Hope you enjoy these photo's 

Photo's and News articles where kindly giving to me from  Mr Bob Nayda. 

Fred on engine at opening of pichi richi fred gaghan loco inspector standing up merv miller driver sitting bob nayda driver pipe in mouth loco w934 return eng taking the first pichi richi train  to quorn

The Ghan

ghan peterborough to Quorn

IP sandhills

Original dinning car

Narrow gauge Ghan and Standard gauge Ghan

Narrow Gauge Derailments 

head on collision nth of strangways coal train and troop train 1

Same as above

 nth marree

Two Old friend say goodbye

 The last Ghan 

Monday, August 1, 2011


Flying Scotchman at Rawlinna

The Flying Scotchman set up down at the old steam road at Rawlinna. The Driver had a busy job to clean out the fire box.

Flying Scotchman shunting at Rawlinna

Plaque's on Flying Scotchman

Fire Box

Coal Tender

Port Augusta Locomotive Driver Robert Nayda, or nick name Boxhead

Kalgoorlie Locomotive Driver Reg Mckel, or nick name The senator

On this day Box and Reggy, where driving the Flying Scotchman. I asked the New South Wales Locomotive Driver if it was ok to come for a ride while they shunted around the Rawlinna yard. He oversaw the 2 local drivers whilst they took charge of The Flying Scotchman.  I had my camera and video camera with me. As I started to take several photos The senator said "haven't you seen a bloody fire before young fella?'
Also Box and Reggy where having friendly banter about driving the flying Scotchman.
I never worked on the foot plate with either of these gentleman, I just knocked on their door at all hours of the day or night to call them for work at Cook. Both gentleman are retired now. 

I couldn't get over the size of the drive wheels of The Flying Scotchman.

I took this Train Order on the return of the Flying Scotchman

Not sure who took this Train Order.

Riding on The Flying Scotchman will always be etched in my memory.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Allan Stevenson retire's


This post is a tribute to a fellow Locomotive Driver Allan ( ACEY ) Stevenson. I have never worked with Acey but have relieved him when we have brought trains in to Broken Hill and along the track. Ace would always speak first not matter what time of the day or night, he would have a cheerful G'day how are you? Ace would crack a funny or two and you would leave feeling happy.

Ace 1965

Ace cracking a funny on the loco.

A.B.C Broken Hill Interview

Whilst I listened to Acey's interview, I thought to myself, this day for me will come and I started to feeling kinda emotional for Acey. Like Acey says this is not a job its a way of life. I wish I had of had the chance to work on the loco with Acey. I will make sure that I keep in contact with Ace, and when we pass through Broken Hill, He can shout me a beer or two......

Ace is a 1 eyed Carlton supporter, so here is their web page. They need all the support they can get....LOL.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Favorite Bosses

Over my railway career I have had quite a few Station Masters, now Managers. These two gentleman below are far by the two best bosses I have ever worked under. Both these blokes had a very good understanding and respect for their workers. They would always take 10 minutes of their time to have a cuppa and a yak with you. I haven't spoken to either for awhile but I will endeavour to touch base and let them know they are now famous.

Simo was the Station Master at Thevenard for the last half of my time at Thevenard as a Shunter Class 2. 

Steve Simpson Ex Station Master Thevenard

Robert was a Locomotive Driver with Australian National. I vaguely remember working with Robert in A.N days. When National Rail was formed Robert was a Driver Trainer, then a Driver Specialist and finished as our Depot Manager with Pacific National.  Robert always had time in his day,no matter what time it was, he would stop and have a yak. I will say Robert has one down side, he barracks for that other South Australian AFL team and its not the Crows. 

Robert Grantham Ex Depot Manager Port Augusta

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Ghan 4AD8

Useful info

Breakfast on the Ghan 06/07/2011, Loco driver's style.

Several photo's of our trip from Spencer Junction to Roe Creek.

4DA8 entering the crossing loop at Roe Creek.

Over pass at the 977 km Stuart Highway

Sunrise just past Marla heading north to Alice Springs

Another sunrise shot.

Sorry for the side ways shots Blogger Grrrrr

The ghans crossing at roe creek

My mate Graeme Swansson......

Longest Ghan 2004