Friday, July 22, 2011

Allan Stevenson retire's


This post is a tribute to a fellow Locomotive Driver Allan ( ACEY ) Stevenson. I have never worked with Acey but have relieved him when we have brought trains in to Broken Hill and along the track. Ace would always speak first not matter what time of the day or night, he would have a cheerful G'day how are you? Ace would crack a funny or two and you would leave feeling happy.

Ace 1965

Ace cracking a funny on the loco.

A.B.C Broken Hill Interview

Whilst I listened to Acey's interview, I thought to myself, this day for me will come and I started to feeling kinda emotional for Acey. Like Acey says this is not a job its a way of life. I wish I had of had the chance to work on the loco with Acey. I will make sure that I keep in contact with Ace, and when we pass through Broken Hill, He can shout me a beer or two......

Ace is a 1 eyed Carlton supporter, so here is their web page. They need all the support they can get....LOL.


  1. Well done ACEY you have left your mark...
    not sure about this carlton fan club mate... Collingwood all the way LOL.. have a great day :))

  2. We spend our lives preparing for retirement and then are reluctant to take it when the time arrives, or so it seems. :) You're going to be at a loss when you're time comes, Phillip!

  3. ~S........I have thought about this long and hard. Short answer SOKI, or SPENDING OUR KIDS,fun. Oh and that the answer you wanted....LOL.