Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Favorite Bosses

Over my railway career I have had quite a few Station Masters, now Managers. These two gentleman below are far by the two best bosses I have ever worked under. Both these blokes had a very good understanding and respect for their workers. They would always take 10 minutes of their time to have a cuppa and a yak with you. I haven't spoken to either for awhile but I will endeavour to touch base and let them know they are now famous.

Simo was the Station Master at Thevenard for the last half of my time at Thevenard as a Shunter Class 2. 

Steve Simpson Ex Station Master Thevenard

Robert was a Locomotive Driver with Australian National. I vaguely remember working with Robert in A.N days. When National Rail was formed Robert was a Driver Trainer, then a Driver Specialist and finished as our Depot Manager with Pacific National.  Robert always had time in his day,no matter what time it was, he would stop and have a yak. I will say Robert has one down side, he barracks for that other South Australian AFL team and its not the Crows. 

Robert Grantham Ex Depot Manager Port Augusta

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